August 31, 2015


Tangible team is pleased that we have completed the Evolution - Revolution workshops two times and they were very successful.

In the 4-day intensive and uptempo program (each), the participants experienced the difference between evolutionary innovation (making iterative steps) and revolutionary innovation (a giant leap). We used everyday household appliances as a focus; a printer, a microwave, an electric kettle, a toaster, a vacuum cleaner, and a coffee maker, and achieved to produce radically different designs(mocked-up) by the end of the workshop, using many RCA original tools and methods, such as Gravity Maps, Selection tools, Persona masks, many kinds of ideation tools, etc.

1st workshop: August 15-18(4 days) Design Hub, Tokyo Mid Town, Roppongi, Tokyo
2nd workshop: August 21-24(4 days) AXIS Gallery, Roppongi, Tokyo



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